Friday, January 19, 2007

E-Street Winter Series @ Carnegie

Races for the SIERRA OTHG started the weekend of January 21st out at Carnegie OHV Park in Tracy, CA. The series is being put on by E-Street MX and it's a 6 race series of which only 4 of them will be part of the OTHG races. I will be trying my hand at MX Racing again after almost 30 years from being away from it. It's perhaps one of the most exhaustive of all competive motorsports but I have been needing a little cardio workout lately (so the wife says!) Maybe this will do it for me. After car racing for many years and being very comfortable (and competitive) doing that, this may not come so easy though. We'll have to just wait and see.

The latest image I found of the actual track layout at Carnegie with the race layout 'painted' in. It was more of a Novice to Intermediate Class track so it wasn't too tough. The starting gate was up on the left corner and ran across the main tack into a small tabletop between the first two turns. Down a straight into turn #3, a left hand bank into a short tabletop to turn #4 turnaround, a big banked turn. Another straight with a small tabletop and then into an uphill climb to the first horseshow turn #5. Downhill again onto a short jump and into turn#6 a big bank heading out onto a flat out run up the next hillside to turn#7. Run across the top of the hill and back down at turn #8 into a high bank turn #9, over a small double jump into turn #10 and then onto turn #11 that leads you into the front straight areas with the large tabletops. Turn #12 and #13 are the "S" turn right before the start finish tabletop. Turn #14 is the dogleg left which is also a jump into a straight and jump again into turn #15 and then into an uphill double before the bowl turn #16, down a short hill and another double and into the #17 turn that leads you back into the startgate point.

The E-Street MX Winter Series was a great success at Carnegie Racetrack and we had a really good time. Brianna and Scott finished both of their motos on the largest track that they have ever been on in their lives. They did a really good job. Both of them were in the 85cc Beginner class. I ran with the 45+ Beginner class with the OTHG group of guys. I did decent in my first moto and blew the start on my second moto and didn't even get going after that. So that was unfortunate for me.

This is the starting gate with the 85cc group; Brianna is at the

near end of the pic, She is #9. Scott is at the far end.

Scott on His BBR 100

Brianna on her XR80

Photos by Mike Subocz Photgraphy, Thanks Mike! Over all it was a great time, it was a really fun track and prep was phenominal by Scott Davis and crew. They worked on it at all times. I met both Scott and Roseville Pete for the first time at this event. Nice guys and dedicated to the sport!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ride Day at CLUB MOTO

Club Moto is a privately owned MX track in the Livermore, CA area that attracts many riders of all skill levels. We had a chance to finally go out there and visit with Kirk Smith, the owner and his group of guys that keep this track prepped for all to enjoy. Kirk has been involved in Motocross in the Bay Area for more than 20 years and has a great respect for the riders and the sport. He still rides himself when he's not watering down the track, running the tractor or doing his day job also...

Norcal Motocross website founder Joey Washburn was at the event of which the folks decided to get together and meet face-to-face finally after having many decent (and some not so decent) conversations on the web forum that is provided there. The web is something that is good in that it can bring people together with like-minded interests and they can make of that what they will. There's always another side of the coin and those people just tend to stay away from reality like this so its better for all that way.

The day started out COLD!!! and it was one of the coldest winter days so far this year. It was only 28 degrees overnight and that morning couldn't have been much above 30. I think the day topped out at 48 degrees and started going back down again by 2pm. There was a good turnout of NCMX'ers, we had our own little area preserved for us with signs that said "DONT FEED THE ANIMALS" (no just kidding). But the animals did get fed good... Kirk and Mike put on some good grub that included Tri-tip steak, Italian sausage, Cheeseburgers and grilled corn on the cob cooked to your delight. Everything was on the house, and it was a great incentive to go out and ride to warm up and work up a hunger.

John Connelly from was providing some of the photography at the site and he came up with some awesome shots of everyone. Including Scott and myself. Scott was riding his new BBR 100 this weekend for only the second time and he did a great job out on the big track. I was still nursing a broken left wrist as you can see in the pics... Please no doctors look at the photos!
All in all it turned out to be a great day meeting new friends and other riders in the region. I hope the comraderie continues to grow within Norcal and more riders show up to future events like this one.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

OTHG - No That is not WEB PHONICS!

OTHG stands for "OVER THE HILL GANG" and it is a group of good 'ol boys that enjoy motocross racing and can compete with others within their 'elder' age groups. You have to be at least 30 years old to join the club (men) and only 25 years old for women... Hmmm I guess women get over the hill faster then us guys do... OK anyway, You kinda get the picture.

This group has been around for many years and there are 3 local chapters in the Norcal Area which include (click on the name to visit their site);

Sierra Chapter
Bay Area Chapter
Reno Chapter

There are other chapters down in Southern California too. Im just getting started with these guys and I hope that there will be lots of fun to be had by all. They have a great season lined up for 2007 with races being held at E-Street, Carnegie and Hollister Hills. There is also the National Races that they will put on this year at Hangtown Raceway (Prairie City SVRA)

So looks like Im goin' racing again, only this time it isnt going to be in some comfy racecar, Im gonna actually have to work to win these races.... see ya at the track!