Monday, February 11, 2008

2008 OTHG Race 5

Round #5 for the OTHG Season was put on by SDMX ESTREET Winter Series at Carnegie SVRA Park near Tracy, California. The #4 Event at Hollister was cancelled due to rains.

Scott Davis and his crew did an awesome job at Carnegie on this weekend (as usual) The track was "EPIC".... it put even his own tracks to shame, the layout was great, jumps were phenominal!, and the turns were so fast, it was incredible. The soils were a bit different than usual. Scott added something to it, it wasnt the typical hard pack of late, that we all know and HATE....
The starting gate went into a chute that was maybe 5 bikes wide handlebar-to-handlebar and it made for alot of holeshot hell!!!! and then into a hard right hander. This led you right into the first jump of a twin camel back double.... if anyone was crazy enough to double this.... (about 120 ft., I measured) it would've been awesome!.... but, I didnt see one person even try it.

After that it was a hard left off the base of the hillside which made for a real fast turn and then a straight away jump into a quick left hander, almost a 120 degree turn. This led to a short table that led you into a very fast section that led you all the way to the first uphill turnaround. It was pretty slippery up there untill about midday. Then downhill into a perfectly lipped small jump that with all the downhill speed sent you flying into the air so effortlessly, you could jump all the way into the next turn..... (and end up in trouble) a hard right turn, up 2 gears into 4th for me and uphill again at full throttle and pounding that hillside. Across the top of the hill and then slam the bank and head downhill again and into a higly banked whip around turn that sets you up for a short, fast double jump. This leads you into a really fun 180 degree right hander that you could run the rim and continue with really good speed on the outside and be able to keep ahead of others going low into the apex trying to gain a position on the inside.

This led into a rut field and a left hander that was pretty soft but lots of fun to just lay the bike down and dig in with a blip of the throttle over another short jump. Then into the front grandstand straights with two big tabletops, the second one being right in front of start/finish and then heading off into the remaining couple of very fast front turns going to the back of the course.

Lap times for the 45+ Pros were at about 1:37, I ran about 1:50 to 1:54 range. It was a nice long course with lots of turns and very fast. I ran Race #5 with the entire Novice class of ages. We had two gates with the 38+ and 45+ starting together in the second gate with about 25 riders total.

45+ Novice Class ResultsMoto 1: 8 guys I ended up 6th place.
Moto 2: 8 guys I ended up in 4th place.
Overall: 5th Place Overall for the day.