Monday, April 02, 2007

CMA Round #4 LaGrange

This last event at LaGrange SVRA Park was the final round of the CMA Pacific Coast Pro-Am Championship Series and it was a very good day. Scott got his first podium finish in racing and I got my first holeshot off the startline. I was running on a graciously loaned 2007 Yamaha YZ450F by Rob Dresser, Thanks Rob! It is a beautiful bike!.

It was a nice day but got somewhat warm by the time our races started in the early afternoon. I had a holeshot off the start in Moto#1 and lead for the entire first 4 laps, and then I just ran out of physical energy and I started faiding fast. The last lap I was just exhausted (not enough water and gatorade in me) and with one guy still directly behind me and the rest of the group within striking distance, I had to muster up just enough to get to the end. I got passed by the second place guy and then went down in the next to last turn and that brought the second place guy past me and I ended up in third place.

My moto#2 was 180 degrees of my first... I stalled the bike off the starting gate and had to play catch up through the whole field of 11 guys to try and have any chance at getting in the top 3. I got all the way to 4th place and was on the rear wheel of the third place guy right at the finish line but couldnt get past. Got a 4th Place overall finish for the day.
Scott on the other hand had a second place finish in his Moto#1 and a third place in Moto#2. He had a tough field of 85cc expert riders he was running against, but kept on the going. He also had to do 6 laps around a very long course. He endured and it payed off for him. That got him a Third Place Finish overall for the day!... Great job Scott!!!