Sunday, January 27, 2008

2008 OTHG Race 3

This event on January 21, 2008 was with SDMX EStreetMX Winter Series put on by Scott Davis and his crew out at Riverfront Park in Marysville. The day started out very cold and with a slight wind blowing. The track was in good shape mostly with only a few places that were just a little sloppy mud-wise. For just having rained for 5 days straight this track was in awesome shape actually.

There were a total of 25 or so motos and the track actually held up very well over the course of the entire day. Scott was in Moto #7 running his first race with the 125cc Beginner Class. I was in Moto #10 running my first race with the OTHG 45+ Novice class. Scott had a mixed group with 125's, 250's and women also. He rode a safe race and ended up last in the class, but he finished. The kid that won the 125 race lapped the entire field at least once and almost twice in his second moto. (Hardly a Beginner, but definately a beginner 'sandbagger') Scott had alot of fun overall.

My Moto was gated with the 30+ and 38+ Novices in Gate #1 and my group of 45+ and 50+ Novices were in Gate #2. Which some of these guys I had ran with in the 45+ Beginner class last year, so it was just like old times again.

The first race I got onto the track in about 6th position and lost ground quickly around some of the sloppy turns. I finished 2nd in class. My only other 45+ class competitor ended up getting bumped into the Intermediate class because he smoked almost everyone in the whole group.

My second race, I was in a three way bike run for the holeshot into the first turn and I made it around the first turn and went a bit wide and ended up third onto the straight, WHAT A RUSH!!!!!... thats what its all about! I kept my place until we got to the back mucky area and I started slipping and sliding around and lost a position almost every single lap in the same areas. I was making great jumps over the tables and jumping the little doubles really well. I was running pretty confidently all around. I think I finished about 5th or 6th overall for the group but I finished first in class... I was the only one left in the class!....
No trophy this time but it wasnt earned. Maybe some more people will show up next time otherwise I will have to move into the younger classes.... ;)

We had a great time, great people, a great track. I just got to get some more muddin' time under by belt for those sloppy turns.