Sunday, January 13, 2008

2008 Race Season Starts

Well a new year has started and things will hopefully be safe and fun for the 2008 race season. I just began racing again in 2007 which started off for me with a broken wrist (non-mx related) and then I had a knee injury right after the first race of the season. I competed in one National this year at The Oatfield during the "mudfest race" and had a blast. Wish I coulda ran a few more Nationals.

I didn't compete in any races during the summer months so it was a restart again from ground zero for me once the weather cooled a bit in September and I got back on the bike again. I ran my last season race at Argyl Park on September 30th and placed well enough to finish the season with a 5th Overall in the 45+ Beginner Class. I only competed in 8 of 29 possible points races.

Soon after that I broke a finger while playing around with Scott's new YZ125 at Club Moto, trying to show the kid a 'few tricks'. That left me out of riding again for awhile until just recently.

Looks like the 2008 race schedule for Sierra OTHG has been setup pretty well this year with 9 races before the Sierra National in April. Should be lots of fun and lots of good competition now that I have moved up to the 45+ Novice Class.

I am going to try and make more of the summer series races this year, attend more of the Nationals and work my way into that coveted "Top 25" for the season ending awards. I know its not much of a payoff to strive for but it's all fun and it's all with good people and just about having a good time.

If I can finish in the top 5 of the 45+ Novice Class (and not break anything trying) I will be extremely happy with myself.