Wednesday, September 27, 2006

XR200 Rebuild

This is a 1993 Honda XR200. My son and I recently finished an overhaul of his XR200 just to freshen it up a little bit. He wanted to paint it up and change the plastic colors and make it newer lookin'. Did a nice job on it, I'm very proud of his work.

We changed it from the original white frame and orange seat to what you see here now. He just needs some final touches on it and he's ready for a race!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stonyford, CA.

Recently I just visited a park in northern California called STONYFORD. This place is a hillclimbers dream come true!!!. It has un-ending ridge runs from the base of the creek beds up to the mountain tops that are 6000-7000 feet in elevation. Some of these runs are 2 and 3 miles in length and it is all you can do to just hold on and throttle up some of these more than 60 degree inclines. Lots of shale rock, ruts, and whoops make it all the more challenging for any rider ability. The runs are rated like ski runs; Green Circle is easy (Don't beleive it), Blue Square is medium(Maybe), and Black Diamond is 'Treacherous'!!! Yea that pretty much says it all. We had a blast up there. Check out the quick link for more in-depth info, trail info and maps. Enjoy!


We enjoy riding trails and doing some track riding at the local OHV parks that surround us here in the Central Sacramento Valley area. These include Prairie City and Carnegie and many others. See the California OHV Parks home page.There are more but I haven't been to them yet.

Hollister Hills and Clear Creek are also Central California parks that I used to ride at when I was much younger and when I lived in the Bay Area. Access to Clear Creek has been significantly decreased since that time. Hollister Hills has become more of an "Off Road Commuter Zone". There are so many bikes there usually it's like a freeway! Too many people for me, but it has alot of nice trails.

We also have some private property that we go to with permission mostly because my bike is a 'red label' bike and we cannot always visit the state run parks when we want to. I dont recommend riding on anybodys private private without getting permission first. We'll talk more about this later.


Welcome to DirtBiking in California, where I will try and bring you some great adventures that we have experienced within some of the Northern California Parks and 'other' areas we have found... Stay tuned. Please feel free to post places and stories that you have experienced.