Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stonyford, CA.

Recently I just visited a park in northern California called STONYFORD. This place is a hillclimbers dream come true!!!. It has un-ending ridge runs from the base of the creek beds up to the mountain tops that are 6000-7000 feet in elevation. Some of these runs are 2 and 3 miles in length and it is all you can do to just hold on and throttle up some of these more than 60 degree inclines. Lots of shale rock, ruts, and whoops make it all the more challenging for any rider ability. The runs are rated like ski runs; Green Circle is easy (Don't beleive it), Blue Square is medium(Maybe), and Black Diamond is 'Treacherous'!!! Yea that pretty much says it all. We had a blast up there. Check out the quick link for more in-depth info, trail info and maps. Enjoy!

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