Friday, April 06, 2007

Yamaha Teardown

Well now that the motor went, it was time to tear everything down and do it all over again. Got the motor out of it and sent it over to the motor guy to do his magic... and I got all the rest of it to do. the bike needs an overall clean up of every part hidden within. It needs a new rear fender, Im changing the rear sprocket to a 50 tooth, and I am replacing all the bearings in the rear swingarm, wheels and triple tree just to make it all fresh.

As you can see the motor aint much but it makes this little frame of a bike fly! The engine had to have the kickstarter assembly replaced and both cases. I replaced the piston and ring set, but the entire valve train was perfect.

I'll post some pics of the new engine when I get it all back and together.

All assembly will be with new parts and nuts and bolts and she'll be good as new again...

A 2003 -07 version, less the new frame of course!