Friday, October 13, 2006

Girls Racing MX

Photo of Brooklyn McClendon
I think its pretty cool to see girls getting involved with motocross and being out there racing with the guys. I figure if they have a talent why not have them take it out and make the best of it. Any guy that knows the enjoyment of running a track or scrambling through backwood mountain trails can probably appreciate the fact that it is just plain fun and girls like to have fun too!

I have two daughters myself that are having alot of fun with dirtbiking right now and I hope that they would find some enjoyment in the competition part of it also. I know I would certainly find enjoyment in helping them with their bikes, their experience and their goals to achieve some sort of racing ability. That would be fun.

I have found that there are many outlets on the web for women of all ages to find information, education and motivational support from some of these groups. One is Moxie Racing which is a local Sacramento group that helps within the local ranks. Another is MX Girls which is listed as a "Home Base for Women Motocrossers" and has been on the web for about 7 years. There is also WMA which covers it all. Some of these girls are Pro riders like Kadie Garrett and Jessica Patterson. Amazing arent they? You can bet that these women and girls are making a strong impression in the dirt out there and you guys better beware. These girls will be kickin some booty on you if you arent lookin' Good Luck Girls!

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