Monday, October 23, 2006

Prairie City

Well my youngest daughter and I ventured out to Prairie City this past weekend to see how things are out there since the closing of Red Sticker season. Needless to say without any rains lately in the greater Sacramento area it's very dry and very dusting everywhere. My daughter wanted to continue her practice on the 125cc track and she went off to join the other kids running around over there while I ran a few laps on the Motocross Practice track, not the Hangtown Course.

It looks like they just added a bunch of sand to this course in fact so MUCH sand that its like you almost need a paddle tire to get through it if you slow down too much, spin spin spin! I ran it a few times and got off and then met up with a friend from work that finally brought out his KX250. During that time they had watered down the track and we were ready for some more in hopes thats the water packed down the sand a bit. Well it did make the mud a whole lot slippery as I would soon find out coming out of the second jump at the top of the course. I ended up coming into that downhill section with my rear tire passing up my front as I was in a two wheel drift going down the chute until the bike went right out from under me. If the front could of only turned a foot further I would have saved it! uh huh...

2 kicks and I was back underway and catching back up to the KX, made the 1st jump and then into the second jump again and hit the turn and guess what? Same exact thing!!!, I was down again!!!! Just carrying too much speed into that messy slippery turn and trying to take it too tight. I finally figured it out and started my jump on the outside and that helped me to take my turn wider and with less speed at the apex. Then I could hit the throttle once I was pointed downhill and it worked really good. The sand in the bottom section of whoops was the worst, and you had to carry some speed to get across the top of them into another short jump. Then be on the throttle right into another turn. All on pretty deep sand. It was fun though and definately tiring as the day wore on. It must have got up to 85 degrees F because we were all sweating up a storm out there. We had to keep coming back for water.

Brianna had a couple "competitive run-ins" with some quirky kids on the 125cc track but she found her way around them just fine. I went over and watched her for the last bit of the day. She is jumping and enjoying it more and more.

Cant wait for the rains!!!