Thursday, October 12, 2006

NorCal MX

NorCal Motocross is another dirtbiking website that offers all kinds of information exclusively for the Northern California dirtbike enthusiast. It has everything from information and reviews on riding places, track pictures, race results and reports. The forums there are very informative and friendly unlike some other places I have been to and the forum administrator is a straight shooter and keeps things inline. Its a family kind of forum that offers help to all ages of riders, young and old, girls and boys and without bad attitudes. I'll have more to talk about with them as we have more time and opportunity to get to know the different groups of people there better. Looks like a great place!!! Check it out. Also Joey Washburn the admin for the site is a fantastic photographer and has a website with his awesome motocrossing galleries. Check them out at his site also.

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