Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Word About Public Property

In the State of California laws are really becoming literally constrictive to off-road users due to encroachment of our rights by other groups which I will leave nameless, for uses of their own. I mean why can't we all just be happy using the areas together? They can look at their flowers and their dirt and rocks and we can just use them as pylons or obstacles on our enduro and motocross courses... yes? Everyone's happy!

But seriously folks, these groups are rallying to the powers that be that we are raping the lands by destroying them with our bikes, atvs, cars, trucks, buggies or whatever motorized vehicle they can come up with and leaving them unclean with all our garbage. I would only have to say that I have seen evidence of this by people in our sport that really don't give a damn about others and ruin it for everyone. We have to be at least as strong as these other groups in our solidarity and ban together and do the right thing. If that means staying on trails and packing up your own garbage and taking it out or picking up a little extra then so be it.

If you catch one of these punks that IS NOT doing the right thing while they are taking advantage of our OHV system within this state (or any other) then EDUCATE THEM!... Give them a LESSON in RESPECT if you know what I mean. We ultimately have to be the caretakers of the areas that we ride in. Respect the areas you ride in and we as a group (Offroaders) will be respected. We only hurt each others right to ride when we dont protect the things we care for.

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